Digital Ocean App Plaform and Github on multiple teams

I am trying out the Digital Ocean App Platform, and specifically the integration with Github. 

The main "apparent" limitation I find on Digital Ocean is the access rights level: a user can be just Owner, Member or Biller. All the resources are then visibile to everyone.

However, the actual way to handle user management is to create Teams, which have their own set of users and fully own the resources.

This means that it is a team-driven access management, rather than a user-driven access management.

It is easy to create different teams, and as you go it is also pretty easy to configure the resources (droplets, domains, etc.). On Github though, the account is only one and users are added to repositories.

The final situation is of multiple Teams' resources accessing the same account, on different repos. 

If you do it off the shelf though, it will fail. Digital Ocean will not show any repo as from the second Team you create.

I contacted support and they suggested this working solution:

  • for each new Team you create on Digital Ocean, uninstall the app on Github
  • Add the new Digital Ocean App, then click on "Manage Access"
  • On Github, grant access to all the repos you want Digital Ocean to see

-> The previously created will still be able to access the repo, as well as the new one!